Yosemite Time-lapse Movie Highlights

The Yosemite Conservancy webcams have captured some interesting images throughout the last 20+ years. This page is a small collection of some of those. The cams have recorded huge rock falls, big winter storms, many amazing sunsets, and even a bigfoot sighting! Below are links to some of the past years highlights.

  • Rockfall on El Capitan

    Sept 28, 2017

  • Yosemite Sunrises and Sunsets

  • Rockfall next to Half Dome

    June 20th, 2020

  • Yosemite Wildfires

  • Winter Storms

  • Yosemite Flash Floods

  • Full Moon Rises

  • CBS Evening News

  • Bigfoot Sighting… 😉

Do you know of others that you would like to include? Please let me know!